Tips Faced with fever and flu

We always experience discomfort when experiencing a fever and flu.. Here is a guide to face fever and flu season :-

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1. Wash Your Hands

The easiest, but not taken seriously in countering the germs. Always washing hands, and make sure the children you are rubbing their hands at least 20 seconds. Make sure you or your child rub the front and back of the hand, finger and nail.

2. Clean Hands Whether you are in or outside house

Bring a non-toxic hand sanitizer in your purse or pocket when out, at the office or gym. But beware not to overuse them, as they contain chemical substances, and if possible eliminate overuse antibacterial once good bacteria along with bad bacteria so do not leave anything to build your immunity.

3. Drinking More Water

Sometimes in cool and rainy season we have a perception that we do not require as much water as on a hot day. This is not true. Actually we need a lot of water is almost the same, and more if you want to help your body remove toxins, impurities, and fighting disease. Bring enough water and drink when thirsty.

4. Eating Healthy Food

Food provides the primary defense for your body. Some of them are stars of the immune system. Carrots (carrots), kiwi fruit, raisins, green beans, oranges, strawberries: it contains nutrients which stimulate the body’s defense such as vitamin C. Vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage, sprouts and flowers, is a good source and help protect against free radical damage.

5.  Sleep


Getting enough sleep night (and maybe take a nap on the weekend) have a significant impact to your immune system strong and willing. If you start burning the midnight oil, and sacrificed sleep, your resistance to disease will diminish and you are more vulnerable to disease. The average adult needs approximately 6-8 hours of sleep. A newborn may need up to 18 hours a day, children need 12 to 13 hours, and preschool children need about 10 hours of sleep.

6. Stay at Home During Sickness

Sometimes it is the hardest advice to follow. Society today does not put much emphasis on taking time to heal the body or health care, it is difficult to make a decision to relax in bed for a day or two when sick. But we all might have been exposed when a colleague is suffering from a cold , the disease will spread to everyone in the office. For schools in particular,immunity  highly dependent on the sick child at home. Plan first and then talk to employers, friends and family to get involved if you have support at home.

7. Cover your nose, but not with your hands!

When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose to prevent the spread of your germs. Unless you wash your hands immediately after that, your hands will only spread more germs to the door handles, computer keyboards, and others. Ministry of Health suggest that you turn in the direction of the body, and let your shirt or arm to catch your germs. Better still, when you feel the tingling to cough or sneeze use a tissue. Then throw away the tissue and wash your hands.

8. Exercise

Group of People Cycling at Gym

Exercise to strengthen the cells that fight disease. Do not neglect your exercise routine during the months of rain and cold weather, and let the children involved in activities at school. Try making a group activity with your family, whether they exercise together, martial arts, or play.

9. Keep Your Hands From Your Face

Eyes, nose and mouth is the gateway for germs to get into your body. Transport to go to the main door is on your hands. If you feel the itching, try using your arms out of the hands or wash your hands before scratching your face.

10. Relaxing and fun

Stress and fear affects the body resistance. Take some time each day to relieve stress and have fun. Hug your children and a good book. Have one to laugh tickling party with family. Breathe deep and calm when you start to feel stress or grief.

Hope this tips will help you in fever and flu season. Go to nearest clinic if you have fever or flu symptoms.

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