Survival Of The Fittest…

The premier functioning body in the world with respect to physical welfare of human beings known as the world health organisation (WHO) defines health in a wider sense as a condition of entire physical, mental and social well being and not solely the absence of disease or illness. In the present century, as man’s hot pursuit after monetary and fiscal gains continues, we ignore one of the most growing concerns in today’s world which is health. Even though the average life expectancy rate of man has increased, the rate of humans succumbing to various organ failures due to health issues as well as malnutrition has also increased. Time and again, man seems to forget that if he does not give heed to his health concerns, monetary gain is of no value. What use is a billion dollar money to an oil baron if he succumbs to paralysis and is not able to enjoy the comforts that monetary gain provides him due to his health failure.

“Health is wealth” is a quotation which we were made to mug up since childhood. It is high time that we understand the core essence of it. The various factors affecting health include pollution, lack of sanitation, excessive use of fertilizers and the most important factor is ignorance of one’s health due to work stress. Lack of nutrition and addiction to junk food are also issues of concern. Health problem in third world countries is mostly due to malnutrition and undernourishment while in developed countries it is due to obesity and overeating due to depression.

The various simple ways to tackle this health problems include first of all recognizing one’s growing health concerns and then searching for ways to improve those. Allocating a little time everyday in one’s busy schedule to exercise or yoga or simple walks or meditation are useful as  health conserving techniques. Avoiding junk food and instead consumption of nutritious food can also be helpful. Most important is cleanliness, one should always conserve personal hygiene. And as for the problems concerning pollution and fertilizer overuse, the industrialists and farmers must follow strictly the guidelines set by the government for minimizing pollution and excessive fertilizer use.

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