Sunshine vitamin may treat asthma

There’s a research from a team at King’s College London found that low levels of vitamin D made by the body in sunglight may have an impact on the asthma patient. From the research it found that it could worsening the symptoms.
The research shows the vitamin calms an over-active part of the immune system in asthma. However, to treat patients with Vitamin D still not yet been tested. Current treatment for asthma is using steroids but the drugs not work for all.

Researcher, Prof Catherine Hawrylowicz said “”We know people with high levels of vitamin D are better able to control their asthma – that connection is quite striking,”. The researcher investigated the impact of the vitamin on a chemical in the body, interleukin-17. It is a vital part of the immune systems and helps to fight off infections.

However, there’s some strong implication for asthma patient. The study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, show that Vitamin D was able to lower levels of interleukin-17 when it was added to blood samples taken from 28 patients.

The team is conducting clinical trials to see if giving the sunshine vitamin to patients could ease their symptoms. They are looking at patients who do not respond to steroids as they produce seven times more interleukin-17 than other patients.
Malayska Rahman from the charity Asthma UK, said ‘We also know that many people with asthma have concerns about the side effects of their medicines so if vitamin D is shown to reduce the amount of medicines required, this would have an enormous impact on people’s quality of life.”We look forward to the results of the clinical trial.”

Source :- BBC

King College London – ┬áVitamin D could provide new and effective treatments for asthma

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