Surprising Foods That Can Prevent the Cold and the Flu

Most people know to drink a lot of tea with honey and lemon and eat chicken soup when they catch a cold. But did you know that fatty fish and certain nuts are just as good, if not better, at preventing you from getting sick in the first place? 1) BRAZIL NUTS These delicious nuts have a very high content of protein and selenium, which is a mineral that is

Infographic : The Importance of the Flu Vaccine

Flu is one of common disease. It make us uncomfortable for work and feel sick. Millions of people have received flu vaccines for decades to reduce flu illnesses. A flu vaccination does not guarantee protection against the flu but people who get a flu vaccine are less likely to get sick with flu than someone who does not get vaccinated. The flu vaccine works by helping our immune system to

Two types of flu vaccines delayed this year

Two drug companies have reported delays in shipping flu vaccines for children this season, leading some doctors to run out of the needle-free, nasal variety that are especially popular with kids. MedImmune has announced that “unforeseen challenges” in production have delayed shipment of its FluMist nasal spray vaccine. The company has shipped about 5 million doses, a fraction of the 15 million that MedImmune announced it would distribute this season.

Flu season worsens across US

The flu season is spreading across the US. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the main strain making people sick is H1N1 which may hit young adults harder than the usual mostly elderly victims. Flu kills people every year about 3,000 and 49,000 a year, depending on the season. Flu activity started in the southeast and south-central part of the country and is now spreading to the Midwest

Flu will hitting the young, healthy

In US, the flu problem continue to spread during a frigid winter. The virus has widespread in 35 states up from 25 last week.According to U.S Centers for Disease Control, this flu season has been particularly hard on adults between the ages of 18-64. According from the 2,486 specimens that being tested from the U.S World Health Organizarion and the National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System, 96 percent tested

The effects of having the flu on seizures

Although there is an increase in children displaying febrile seizures after receiving the flu vaccination, does that mean that your child suffering from epilepsy is at a higher risk of compounding the problem? Many parents are worried that this influx of seizures caused by the vaccination is related to epileptic ones. Febrile seizures are viewed by professionals as “harmless” in comparison and they are usually brought on by high fevers