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Flu season worsens across US

The flu season is spreading across the US. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the main strain making people sick is H1N1 which may hit young adults harder than the usual...


Flu will hitting the young, healthy

In US, the flu problem continue to spread during a frigid winter. The virus has widespread in 35 states up from 25 last week.According to U.S Centers for Disease Control, this flu season...


The effects of having the flu on seizures

Although there is an increase in children displaying febrile seizures after receiving the flu vaccination, does that mean that your child suffering from epilepsy is at a higher risk of compounding the problem?...

Tips Faced with fever and flu

Tips Faced with fever and flu

We always experience discomfort when experiencing a fever and flu.. Here is a guide to face fever and flu season :- Uploaded with ImageShack.us 1. Wash Your Hands The easiest, but not taken...