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Do you know about cataract?  Cataract is vision problems that make your eyesight shows cloudy spot and becomes blurry. This problem occurs mostly because of aging and effect in either or both eyes. There is a person who is risk to get cataract such as person that get diabetes, smokers or get exposure too much on light.Cataract can be detected in early stage. It started out with small blurry and you will found that your vision look cloudy. A lamp will be seen as too bright or glaring and you notice that the colors may not appear as bright as before.

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Other’s than aging effect, cataract cause because of this problem:-

Cataract main cause

1.  Surgery for other eye problems can cause cataract especially glaucoma. . The glaucoma happen when there are fluid in your eyes.
2.  Eye injury can cause cataract but it takes time to develop.
3 . Radiation can develop the cataract.

How Prevent Cataract

1. Make a surgery to fix the vision problem. This process is risk so ensure that the surgeon is qualified.
2. Stress is main cause of cataracts. You must relax your eyes to ensure it take a rest especially when your work involved computer.

Cataracts: What They Are and How to Treat Them

3. Get a good diet is important to make your eyes healthy. Eat more meals that high in Vitamin A-E. Take more fruits and avoid meal high in cholesterol.
4. Find a time to exercise especially in the morning.
5. Avoid bad habit such as smoking and drinking. Change your lifestyle and begin with the good.
6. Check your eyes to your eyes expertise at least 2 times per year. They can give you suggestion and detect if you get cataract in early phase.

Early treatment can help your eyes from cataract effect. Cataract is danger because you can get risk of blindness.

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