Runner’s Health: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Daily Run

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Savvy runners are dedicated to the sport, employing a variety of factors to support performance and make the most out of their run. Here are five proven ways to enhance your daily run and reach all of your distance and speed goals.

Perfect Your Form

Many runners are not using the right form when they hit the pavement or the treadmill. Using the right form can knock significant time off of your pace, helping you to achieve all of your running goals. To keep your hands from being too clenched, visualize that you are holding an egg as your pump your arms. It is important to relax your shoulders so that your arms can swing in a natural motion. You should also take care to make sure that your posture is straight. Running with the right form will also help you to conserve energy so that you finish strongly. Remember that it takes time to build up your endurance and speed.

Hydrate and Fuel Up Properly

You cannot expect to push your body to the maximum if you do not take the time to fuel up and hydrate before each run. For best results, you should hydrate approximately 30 – 60 minutes prior to your run. While it may be tempting to reach for the sweet sports drinks, plain water is sufficient. A small snack at the same time will also help keep you from feeling sluggish during the run. Reach for a snack with a good balance of protein and carbohydrates.

Take a Supplement

Distance runners understand that even the right fuel before a run does no good if you are not prepared to supplement your long run with a running energy supplement. These supplements combine sea salt electrolytes with calcium lactate to boost performance and deliver the energy that you need to carry you through your long run. You can purchase a running supplement in a convenient chew, making them easy to consume while out on your run. These supplements are easy to digest and will leave you feeling as if you can run for miles and miles without tiring. Supplements can also help to aid in the recovery process, getting you back out the door more quickly.

Vary Your Distance and Speed

In order to continue to push yourself, you should vary the length and speed of your runs. A weekly long and slow run will build endurance while a shorter tempo run will increase your speed. Serious runners may also want to build hill running and speed work into their weekly running schedule. As a bonus, varying your run schedule will also prevent you from getting bored and burning out.

Incorporate Rest Days

When it comes to running, sometimes less is more. Seasoned runners understand the importance of rest days. Proper rest is critical to your recovery efforts and your goal to prevent injuries. Your muscles need time to repair themselves, making rest days crucial in your goal to get faster and stronger. A rest day from running does not mean that you have to stay on the couch all day. It is fine to do a light exercise such as walking or another crosstraining effort on the days that you do not run. Be sure to also get a good night’s sleep before a long run or race.

By incorporating these five tips into your running routine, you will soon notice that your daily runs become easier and that you recover more quickly. You can then push yourself to perform with even more confidence every time that you lace up your sneakers.

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