Seven Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Dentists

Adults fear them too. Going to the dentist can sometimes appear to be the most uneasy thing to do. Imagine how bad it appears to be to our children. Here are some tips on how to help kids in overcoming their fear of the dentist.

Start early

dental fear

According to an expert Fairview dentist, if you incorporate dentist appointments at the child’s early age, he or she will get used to it and it will be a more natural event for them as they grow. It will also develop healthy habits of maintaining oral hygiene and health. If they have any fear, it is better for them to overcome it when they are younger.

Talk to children and educate them

Treat the issue at your home and talk with your kid. They must know that they have your support. They would also be relieved if they can ask both you and the dentist about any of their concerns.

Create a distraction

If the level of fear is high, try to make the dental visit as comfortable as possible. Carry their favorite toy, blanket or even music with you so that the experience can be related with something they actually love.

Don’t transfer your fear

In case you avoid the dentist because of your fear, don’t share that with your children. Put on a brave face and convince your children that there is nothing to it.

Maintain positive attitude

The whole situation can be lifted if you maintain a positive attitude. Try to explain the good sides of the situation, even in a more serious case than a simple examination. The young ones must have the final goal on their mind – the perfect smile and healthy teeth and gums.

Watch what you say

Choose your words carefully, kids are more perceptive than we can ever imagine. They notice our every move and hear our every word. If your child is deeply afraid of going to the dentist, ease into it step by step, word for word.

Don’t use big, medical terms that sound scary and don’t mention any of the tools dentists use. Kids have a strong imagination and you don’t want them to think that something can go wrong.

Have the dentist help you

Inform the dentist on the situation. Dentists today are extremely careful with fearing patients than they were before. Many practices, like the Eugene Dentist, give their best in relieving the situation for their patients. Kids are top priority.

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  1. Great tips, watching what you say is the most important, it’s hard to make sure you say all the right things but definitely don’t poke fun at a kid scared of the dentist

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