Sign of mental illness in children

It is hard to identify mental illness especially in children. It is important for parent to identify early of mental illness that effect on their children health. The are many mental health condition that affect children such as :-

1. Schizophrenia. The mental causes children losing focus in reality. He/she will always think something that not really exist. For example, a friends that never exist.
2. Autism. It is serious developmental problems. Usually children before age 3 that cause of this disorder will show some symptoms.
3. Mood disorder. It is such as bipolar and depression that could affect feelongs of sadness or extreme mood.
4. Anxiety disorder. Children could have such as obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia, post traumatic stress disorder .
5. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. This disorder combine many issues such as hyperactivity, difficult to sustaining attention and impulsive behavior.

There’s are sign that child might have mental health such as :-

1. Intense feeling.
2. Mood changes
3. Difficulty concentrating.
4. Substance abuse.
5. Physical harm
6. Unexplained weight loss

If your children has that sign, get a psychiaty. It is important to cure it in early stage.

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