One’s Habits and Their Effect on Mental Health

When talking about health, mental health is an aspect that cannot be ignored. This is  because it is impossible to have a physically fit body unless we have peace of mind. In fact it is not just our own overall health that can deteriorate if we don’t own good mental health. Since, many people are dependent on us; we also risk their health if we do not take care of ourselves. Also, it is not just our physical health but our slacking mental health; it is the whole of our life. We will not be able to do our work properly and in fact we won’t even be able to do our daily menial jobs. On the contrary, if you have good mental health then all the aspects of your life will be improved. You might actually gain the strength to cope with any other health problem as you will always have a sense of overall wellbeing if you are mentally fit. Many people feel that just because they do not suffer from a mental illness then they are mentally fit but it is not so. In case you realize that you are not perfectly sound in terms of mental well-being, then there are certain things that you can do in order to achieve that ideal state. One of the best ways to do so is by improving one’s eating habits. Let us look at how that can contribute to better mental health.  


One of the main reasons for increasing amount of mental illnesses now-a-days is the busy schedules we have. It is because of such hectic lives that we do not even have time to eat properly. This lifestyle is responsible for poor eating habits and the replacement of proper meals by takeaways and packet foods. We should not ignore the fact that the food that we consume has a direct impact on our physical health, energy levels and also our moods. Thus, it is very important to take a diet that is rich in all the necessary nutrients. However, a healthy diet does not mean that you overeat. It is important to take note of the amount of calories you intake as a healthy weight is a sign of good overall health as well.

If you choose to eat foods that provide steady energy, you can help your body stay healthy and your mind stay happy. This is so because there are foods that are rich in certain vitamins and minerals and that help in coping with the symptoms of depression. In fact there are researches going on in this field and efforts are being made to identify foods that may contribute towards development of depression in certain age groups. For example: Vitamin B12, foliate, iron, calcium, zinc, selenium and omega 3 are found to contribute to the same in pregnant mothers. You should also realize that no diet is a fit all size. Everyone has different needs and your diet must depend on your dietary needs rather than what someone else eats and stays fit with. You should always consult a health professional to take guidance regarding the same.


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