Slipped Disc treatment

Slipped Disc Treatment

Do you know about slip disc? It is one of the backpain because it affect the spine due to lifting injuries, trauma or idiopathic. Slipped disc in medical term called spinal disc herniation. The recovery from slipped disc usually take more than a month. To recover from this pain, most people will make gentle exercise and painkilling medication. The pain will occur as the disc stop pressing on the affected nerve.

Slipped Disc Treatment


Slipped Disc Treatment

To diagnosis from this disease you need to do either CT scan, MRI scan or a myelography. The doctor will get the correct diagnosis based on the result.

To treat this problem, you need to keep active. It is not an easy to move immediately after get a slipped disc. Make a gentle move and rest if you are in severe pain. You need to move around to keep your back mobile and speed time of recovery. One of good exercise is swimming, it will puts very little strain on the joints. Exercise will help to strengthen muscle that become weak but avoid activities such as reaching, lifting and sitting for long period.
Another way is get a physical therapy. A physiotherapist will give you plan and keep yor active. They also instruct you the best activities that minimise pain and help prevent any further back damage.
Medication also can help ease the slipped disc. You can get analgesic (painkillers) to stop the pain. Always get prescribed by your doctor and don’t ever try by yourself. It also have medication such as diazepam to muscle relaxant.

The last way is surgery. You may considered to do surgery if there is evidence of severe nerve compression, can’t standing or walking, your symptoms have not improved after do other treatment. The specialist will decide whether you need a surgery or not..

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