Smile Rehab: Rescuing Your Smile for Health and Happiness

Smiles are a constant and essential part of our lives. They’re the simplest and most effective ways to convey our emotions. What’s more, people are said to be most beautiful when they’re smiling because that’s a sign they’re happy and healthy. It’s not like that for everyone though. Some people can feel pretty insecure due to the state their teeth are in. Alas, not all hope is lost. There are still sure-fire ways to rescue your smile and become more confident, healthy, and happy.

1. Cosmetic porcelain veneers

If it is your front teeth that are bothering you and causing your smile not to live up to its full potential , consider cosmetic porcelain veneers. They are suitable for correcting the shape, size, evenness, and colour of your teeth.

They’re a comfortable and long-term solution as they look and feel rather natural while lasting a long time. Though a procedure like this might be a bit expensive, it’s a worthy investment that will pay off in the long run. Aside from making your teeth look good, it will also improve their health and thus yours.

2. Enamel shaping to the rescue

To make improvements regarding the shape and size, there is a thing called enamel shaping. It means that your dentist will use a file to shape your teeth and make them better. This is a good idea for anyone who has healthy teeth but isn’t happy with how they look.

It also helps with chips and cracks, which are a common problem that ruins smiles. Enamel shaping can also help with repositioning of the teeth, making your teeth everything you knew they could be. It’s great if you want to improve your natural teeth.

3. Bonding as a simple method

If you would like just a small touch-up and need a simple procedure, opt for bonding. Here, the dentist will be working with your teeth and a plastic base material. The shape of your teeth will be corrected, and any cracks and chips will be fixed as well.

As far as the plastic base material is concerned, it’s used for correcting excessive space between the teeth. It can also help fix discolouration between teeth and can be helpful in more serious scenarios like broken teeth.

4. Crowns save the day

Professionals like those at the Oceanic Dental Laboratory will tell you that crowns are the best solution for damaged teeth. This is because crowns are custom made and go over damaged teeth, thus shielding them completely. On top of giving you perfect teeth, they keep your natural teeth safe from infection.

They are the perfect solution for having a healthy smile if your teeth are severely damaged. They’ve given hope to anyone who thought their teeth couldn’t be fixed as they are a permanent and reliable solution. You will notice just how much crowns changed your life immediately if you opt for this procedure.

5. Teeth whitening

The most common problem with having a nice smile is probably discolouration. After a while, our teeth can become yellow or have some stains on them. That’s easily fixable with teeth whitening. This is the simplest way to improve your smile.

There are a lot of teeth whitening products you can buy and use yourself at home. If that doesn’t work or if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always go to a professional. The way it works is that your teeth are bleached which gives them the radiant white colour you were aiming for. There’s nothing more rewarding than a clean and healthy white smile that you can show off on any occasion.


The conclusion is that having troubles with your teeth doesn’t have to be tragic. There’s always a way to fix it. Doing so will ensure your body is healthy and will, therefore, make you much happier. On top of that, you’ll be able to live life to the fullest with your new smile. Instead of it being a burden, it will be your asset in everyday life and communication. You won’t need to hide from anyone anymore and will be able to enjoy just being you- healthy and happy.

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