The Choice of Menu for Weight Loss PerWeek

Diet weight loss a week there, and he was not alone. Really can throw a few kilos almost every diet. Important have to do it without causing any substantial damage health. After all, the end, we considered not only get more beautiful, but also rehabilitation. Overweight – a risk factor for hypertension reactions, diabetes, infertility, and many other unpleasant and dangerous disease pathologies.

If you are looking for a weight loss diet menu a week, we advise you to listen to the recommendation of John Barban Product Venus Factor (presenter of a doctor in one of the Russian TV channel). Your television programs to lose weight as it relates to eat. On number of products that prevent us from getting leaner, and that does not exclude any person can food. Me to list. And if you do not have, or at least reduce their use, for sure – you will become narrower.

  1. Sugar. And all it contains goods. Try not put sugar in tea and other drinks. Even 1 teaspoon of sugar without the slides – this is 40 calories. And most of us will put sugar in their tea two teaspoons, and even it is already slide. And from about 100 kcal. Mean Russian drink 3-5 cups of tea per Day. And it is 300-500 kcal. It tool is really great! During the diet requires him to produce 1000-1200 calories per day. So to try to reduce the sugar and replace it with less nutritious, but more useful product. Of course should exclude all the baking, and all the other goodies that include sugar. many has grown thin women report that they are able to keep your weight the same character without the fasting days only to reduce the amount of sugar in the diet.

As sweeteners, low-calorie foods, you have to be careful with them. Because their excessive use will increase in many cancers.

  1. Lemonade, sweet carbonated drinks, alcohol. The lemonade and popular soda contains sugar, and its risks are already low-calorie mentioned. At the same above water – sweetener. Perils, which is also written. Change these drinks should be water mineralization is a small (less than 1 gram per liter), and clean drinking water. Spirits is not enough to bring great harm to the body, as well as calories. We accept, for example, is a popular beer. In 100 grams of the drink contains about 45 calories. It seems, it’s not so much. But bottle or jar of beer – it is 500 grams of at least 225 kcal us bottle. However some people happy with a bottle … That the number of sugar in tea (several cups), soda bottle, and a bottle of beer … kcal. However 1000 approaching, we still eat!
  2. Bread. Almost every diet for quick weight loss per week excludes it. Fact is that many Russians are accustomed to eating bread for breakfast, not only in the form of sandwiches, but also during the day, each meal. And the first course and the second and the south and supper. Turns much. And calorie pastry and must not be too much different. Caloric black bread (rye) – 214 calories per 100 gram. Wheat (white) – 254 calories per 100 gram. that be clearer – two plump slices of white bread – it is about 100 g, which is 254 kcal .And it is at least one of the pair of meal. They per day. Add the pastries – scones, a variety of muffins, pies and more. If we do not eat bread, to try to cut the thinner pieces, as is commonly done for public catering establishments.

Here is a hint of the origin overweight. Out than 3 type products described above, you will lose weight in each case, regardless of the diet for a week to lose weight -. Protein, fruits, etc. can be successful and come to your diet, guided by our simple principles. And it must be fats and proteins, and carbohydrates food. It have to remember that every day to eat a little egg or lean meat instead of the cheese and always vegetables and fruits.

Finally, a few tips to help you give up a high-calorie diet and lose weight faster.

  1. Replace the bread loaves. Calorie, they are not too low, but it is known that the energy value of each loaf (it is written on the package), it is easier to control himself. In addition to bread rich in fiber, which contributes to the good work of the intestine and suppresses hunger.
  2. Let them be, and vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. And the fruit is recommended to use the time to 10-15 hours per day. Because they contain fructose (fruit sugar) and the consequent need to spend energy to the more active. Vegetables day we can eat at any time and in any amount of. The main thing to fill salads with mayonnaise and lots of vegetable or olive oil.
  3. You can try to eliminate. This is a very high-calorie product, and not very useful for the organism, because it leads to an increase in blood cholesterol levels.
  4. Drink a glass of water before eating, the stomach fills up a bit, and it does not allow you to overeat.
  5. Rise from the table, sticking a little hungry. Keep in mind that the signal saturation of the stomach to the brain comes at a time, and for this reason occurs. Eat binge eating slowly, chewing food thoroughly.
  6. If you want to get serious about losing weight, find a table calorie foods and build your diet according to its .Plus, be sure to get the electronic Weighing products.

7 to eat at least 4-5 times a day, the amount is not more than 200 grams at a time.

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