The Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Does your hip ache? If yes, you’re not the only one who is suffering from it. Millions of women experience hip pain in some form. Unfortunately, women are more vulnerable to experiencing it as compared to men because of their chaotic routines. Therefore, determining the root cause for hip pain becomes imperative. Secondly, If not treated on time, it can have a strong impact on a woman’s ability to move. So when you tell your doctor that your hip hurts, you need to make sure, your hip is the basic area of the problem. Here, in this feature, we will shed light on the most common causes of hip pain in women:

1.   Arthritis

One of the leading causes of hip pain in women is arthritis. This is also chanted as osteoarthritis and affects millions of women across the globe as they age. Bear in mind, as you age, the body tends to wear and tear off. Most experts say, the pain of arthritis is often felt on the left side of the hip and can be chronic in most cases.  It is also felt in the left thigh and the swelling of the joint will imply it. This is why doctors often recommend patients to get hip replacement surgery from David Slattery when the pain becomes unbearable.

2.   Tendinitis

If you don’t know, most of the tendons around the hip are responsible for connecting the muscle joints. If you overuse these tendons, they will cause inflammation and eventually give you unbearable pain. When women tend to overuse themselves in domestic chores, their tendons can easily get affected. One of the leading causes of tendon issues amongst millennial women is that of the iliotibial syndrome, which is a thick tissue that can transition into something severe. Therefore, it is recommended that you check with a doctor as soon as you can.

3.   Hip Fractures

Today, hip fractures are common amongst older women, who have suffered from arthritis at some point in time. The most common symptoms of the hip fracture are inclusive of severe pain when you try to straighten up or focus on your leg. Even the toes on the injured side will get swollen and make it difficult for you to walk. These are just the minor symptoms of a hip fracture. A lot of women will experience severe pain in their back as well when a hip fracture occurs. In such a situation, one should never focus on lifting herself and seek immediate medical help as soon as possible.

4.   Hernia

Also chanted as the sports hernia, it can cause major frontal hip pain in women. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of suffering from this issue, which is why doctors often recommend them to take long bed rest.  The added pressure on the abdomen is the root cause of hernia amongst young women. No wonder, hernia itself can be very hurting if you continue to ignore it for a long time. it can easily travel towards the hip and cause severe pains.

5.   Back Issues

Most experts say gynecology issues are also the leading causes of hip pain in women. It is not always wise enough to acknowledge the pain as a result of arthritis or bursitis. Depending on your age, the health issues could easily worsen. If you don’t know, endometriosis could also cause severe pelvic issues, making it very hard for a woman to stand concrete on her feet. Some women describe this pain as unbearable and life-threatening. This is why a visit to the doctor becomes imperative.

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