What is vojta therapy ?

I’ve just heard from my friends that he want to bring her son to Thailand for vojta therapy. I just do some research about vojta therapy to find this therapy.


Vojta therapy is a pioneering therapy in the sphere of child development named after it’s founder Dr.Vojta. He developed this therapy to deal with the problems of motor rehabilitation to teach correct movements to the cerebral palsied child and to avoid building of a wrong movement pattern in the child. It basically deals from the time when the child has no organised mobility to the stage when the child can pass rapidly and alternately into the monopedic posture. ( DOctor NDTV )

Fundamentals of Vojta Therapy
The therapeutic use of reflex locomotion enables elementary patterns of movement in patients with impaired central nervous systems and locomotor system to be restored once more – at least in part- they become accessible once more. In Vojta Therapy, the therapist administers goal-directed pressure to defined zones on the body in a patient who is in a prone, supine or side lying position. In everyone – regardless of age – such stimuli lead automatically and involuntarily without actively willed cooperation on the part of the person concerned to two movemnet complexes ; reflex creeping and reflexx rolling.

Difference from Other Physiotherapy techniques and methods
In Vojta Therapy movement functions such as grasping, rolling over from the back onto the stomach or walking are not practised. The therapeutic activation of reflex locomotion facilitates access, via the central nervous system to the individual segmental patterns of movement necessary for a specific movement or activity.
After Vojta treatment, these segmental patterns are more available spontaneously to the patient. Regular repetition of the normal movement stored in the brain prevents evasion movements being practised. In any case, these would only be a substitute for the actual and therefore desired , ‘normal movement’. ( VOjta.com )

I’ve watched the vojta therapy method in youtube but can’t share it.. Look hurt but maybe that’s the way. Just look at the picture could make my tears drop..


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  1. Hi My daughter is 3 years old and still able to move and sit and walk three times a week he carried that I am begging me to do what I can do I’m living in Malaysia

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