Worst Exercises for your joints

Maybe some of us don’t know that some exercise may damage our joint and others. If you have experience suffer from joint pain or injuries there’ exercise that you need to avoid as below :-

1. Stair climbing. In my country, there’s a stair climbing campaign for workers. It is good exercise for toning legs and glutes but the repetitive climbing motion can put strain on your knees. This exercise requires to repeatedly bend knees and place your weight on them. It can lead to arthritis and injury if done excessively or incorrectly. It’s best to avoid if you have knee pain history.
2. Plyometrics. What is plyometrics? It is a type of exercise designed to produce fast and powerful movements. Okay, maybe it ain’t easy to understand. Just look at the picture below.
individual plyometric training platform
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This exercise have been used to improve sports performance, power, speed and others training goals. These type of exercise includea a variety of sprinting, jumping and kicking movement. It generate a large amount of force that can affect the ankles, knees and other risk joints.
3. Jumping rope. We always see people make jumping rope for their warming up but it can impact your knee and joint if you do improper technique.
4. Aerobics. Aerobic can burn many calories and get your heart pumping quickly but it could cause a great deal of strain and problems for your joints.
5. Boxing. It is not a sport for weak jointed people. It could effect your shoulders, wrist or ankle if your body not strong enough.
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6. Running. Running could force your knee if you don’t make it properly. Running put many force on knee and approximately eight times your body weight.

Reference :- InsuranceQuotes

It is important to know exercise that suitable for your body. Not all exercise can suit for people especially for those have joint problem.

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