Coping with acne – what you can do, where you can go


Do you suffer from acne? What do you do to manage with it?

When I was younger, if I had a break out of acne I’d hide inside the house as much as I could, too afraid to face the world. I always got really embarrassed about my skin and unfortunately many people feel the need to do the same. Although acne is nothing to be ashamed about and many people have it, it can often make those affected by it feel self conscious and unhappy with themselves and their appearance. I certainly did!

acne treatment

Keeping skin clean is really important to help prevent new spots from developing – but make sure you use a gentle soap to avoid causing irritation. I’ve made the mistake before of scrubbing too hard and leaving my poor skin looking and feeling sore. However, over-washing skin can cause it to become worse and unable to produce natural defenses – avoiding washing it more than twice a day, preferably once in the morning, once in the evening.


It’s also important to treat your skin well to avoid any scarring. If scarring occurs it can mean that the reminder of suffering from acne lasts a lot longer. Scars can be avoided by avoiding squeezing or popping spots and blackheads. Scars caused by Acne can be upsetting and really damage self esteem. However, scars often become less noticeable over time and if need be their appearance can be reduced by laser treatment.


It’s definitely worth trying over the counter medication to help to improve your skin, however if it doesn’t seem to work, visiting a skin care specialist or your doctor is a good idea. Your doctor can offer you a number of different treatments, such as oxytetracycline and advise the best course of action for you. Don’t forget to persevere with any treatments though as they can often take a couple of months to start taking effect.


Despite common misconceptions there is no evidence that links a poor diet or poor hygiene to acne. So, although it is always good to ensure you live a healthy life it is not necessarily a factor in having acne. Unfortunately for females, over 80% of adults with acne are women. In many cases acne is related to hormone changes and can often flare up at different times.


And thankfully, acne is not contagious so there is no need to worry about ‘catching’ it from someone else. People should also be sympathetic to those who suffer from acne as it really can damage their confidence especially if people comment on it.


But remember, acne doesn’t last forever and usually only lasts during the teens and early twenties and if you are suffering from it, you are not alone.






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