Dental Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

The morning brew of coffee can be an imperative for most of us but many of us are also unaware of the ill-effects that this can generate on our health!

It is for this reason that green tea has become such a recommended drink by most of the dieticians and medical professionals, these days. It has been proved through research that great oral health can be your cup of tea.  In fact, people who drink green tea, at least once a day, have a significant decrease in gum recession as well as teeth pain. Not only that, green tea may also decrease the instances of oral cancer to a great extent.

green tea for dental health

So apart from stimulating your taste buds, green tea benefits your overall oral health, too. There are compounds in green tea that appear to fight the bacterial infection and also control inflammation. In fact, this drink is rich in anti-oxidants and it consists of many beneficial properties that can have positive effect on our health.

Here are some of the major benefits of drinking green tea for your oral health. Just read on the reasons why switching to green tea is essential for you.

  • Prevents Dental Cavities – The bacteria in the mouth is controlled by the consumption of green tea. Added to that, it also helps to decrease the amount of plaque in the mouth that can prevent the development of cavities to a great extent. In fact, research has revealed that a five minutes rinsing of the mouth with green tea can lead to lesser amount of bacteria and acids in the mouth and can also result in the decrease of gum bleeding. Thus, cavities and tooth decay can be reduced by drinking green tea.
  • Reduces Periodontal Disease – Your overall health comes under threat when you suffer from frequent periodontal or gum disease. When plaque is permitted to sit on the tooth for a long time it harbors bacteria that produces excess amount of toxins. The gum tissues become inflamed by these toxins which in turn leads to gingival pockets, gum recession, bloodborne bacteria and even deeply-seated infections. Fortunately, the anti-inflammatory properties of the green tea can keep the gum disease from progressing further.
  • Prevents Loss of Teeth – This goes without saying that a substance that helps to thwart gum disease as well as keeps at bay cavities will also help to prevent the loss of teeth. Research has revealed that anyone who drinks one or more cups of green tea is more likely to retain their natural teeth even when they age.
  • Does Away with Bad Breath – Again, the volatile organic compounds that lead to bad breath are neutralized by green tea. According to several studies conducted in this regard, it has come to light that bad breath is neutralized by green tea in a much better way as compared to mints, chewing gums and even the natural ingredients like fresh herbs.
  • Controls Cancer – The cancerous tumor growth and cellular damage can be controlled by green tea. Research has revealed that when green tea is given to patients who suffer from precancerous lesions, it has slowed down the progress of oral cancer to a great extent.
  • Strengthens the Teeth – Lastly, green tea enhances the health of the bones and the teeth are not an exception to that. The catechins which is a kind of antimicrobial molecule can kill the bacteria that is responsible for the tooth decay and gum disease and thus, helps to prevent teeth loss and other issues related to the oral health. People between the ages of 40 and 70 years who drink a cup of green tea everyday have lesser chance of losing their teeth than those who do not have green tea at all or have coffee.

The above are some of the astounding benefits that green tea can bestow on your oral health. Once you choose the green tea over coffee you will be able to experience these benefits.


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  2. Hey,
    What a guide, I must say, your guides are awesome and I enjoy reading them. You write to the point and with clear and eye-catchy UI, your blog looks great.
    I have bookmarked your website. keep posting articles like this.

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