How to get rid of unwanted stomach fat

If you have decided to get rid of the excess fat on your belly, be prepared for a period of discipline. You need to have determination, but it will work if you follow these steps:

1. The diet

Pay attention to carbohydrates – bread and pasta should be avoided, as they can cause an insulin rise followed by a sudden crash of energy. Instead, turn to legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables – they make you feel full and release sugar much slower. Also, allow yourself to eat carbohydrates only after exercising, as your body will process it better and won’t store it as body fat.

Chia seeds are an excellent choice when fighting stomach fat – they are a rich source of vitamins, fibers, protein and minerals, being super healthy food. They have almost no flavor, so you can add them to anything and help your body get rid of the fat.

Leafy greens are also useful, being full of iron, zinc and fiber. Foods like collard, kale and spinach help the fat-burning process. Another useful food type of food to burn the fat is cayenne pepper – the biochemicals that make them hot is what will improve your digestion, which means you’ll feel full, but eat less.

Lastly, lean meat like chicken, turkey and fish will make your body work hard to digest them, helping you to build muscle mass. Moreover, this type of protein will more likely be turned into energy than fat.

2. The importance of a proper rest

Having your 8-hour sleep is more important than you think, and not just for losing weight. When you don’t get enough sleep, your nerve function, metabolism and hormone production don’t work properly, meaning there’s a higher chance you will stress more and work more slowly, have less strength for exercising and eating more unhealthy food. And not just that – if the hormone production is disturbed, it could slow down the metabolism of fat cells, which isn’t something you need. So, try hard to get your good night’s sleep, don’t look for excuses.

3. The right drinks

Water is crucial for staying hydrated and burning fat. You need sufficient amount of water every day to help your body break down fat cells and get rid of the toxins. You should drink at least 1,5 liter water a day; otherwise, the fat burning process won’t go as you wish.

Besides water, there are other beneficial drinks that could help you achieve your goal. Green tea is widely known for its benefits, but Matcha green tea is the best of them all when it comes to burning fat and improving your health. Ginger tea is famous for improving digestion and warming up our bodies, so make sure you have a cup of ginger tea every day. Fruit juices could also help, maybe not directly, but regarding the fact they are full of various nutrients, they will improve your overall health. Just avoid processed and sugary drinks – what you need is a 100% cranberry, pomegranate or vegetable juice.

4. Useful types of exercise

Exercise is an important part of losing excess fat on the belly. You need to find a physical activity you enjoy, and the good thing is that it can be almost anything.

If you are a person with calmer energy, try out plain walking. Whether walking with somebody or on your own, this low-intensity activity will make sure you have your sufficient dose of physical activity every day. Yoga is another option – it activates the whole body and it’s very relaxing. Hiking is somewhat harder than walking, but it’s the challenging part that is fulfilling.

For those who want to up their game, it’s possible to find bmx bikes for sale for a bit more extreme cycling routes – it helps you burn a considerate amount of fat, but it also raises adrenaline levels.

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is, clearly, an intensive type of exercise but it will definitely speed up the process of fat burning, especially if you combine it with weight training.

For an overall great shape of your abdomen, include planks and side planks into your workout routine. It will strengthen your core. Lat pulldowns and lat pull-throughs will help you form an hourglass figure, while leg presses and deadlifts will strengthen your glutes to balance the complete hourglass figure. Crunches occupy one of the highest positions when it comes to exercises reducing belly fat. If you can endure regular crunches, you should move on to twist crunches for even better effect. Side crunches focus on your side muscles and are of the same intensity as twist crunches. Vertical crunches are the last ones to try, as they can make you sore if you overdo it at the beginning.

Final words

Whatever type of exercise you choose, make sure you combine it with a proper diet, enough liquid intake and enough sleep. Only if you commit yourself to all the things above will you notice the results and make sure you don’t fall back to your old habits.


Audrey Taylor was born in San Francisco, and moved to Adelaide at the age of five. Marketer researcher and social media manager on hold, full – time mommy of a cheerful two-year-old. Graduated from Queensford college, worked in a couple of marketing agencies across Australia, eager to learn more about business and share her experiences. Traveled across Europe. Her hobbies include: home decor, fashion, travel, music, old movies.



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