Estrogen causes man to become fat

What is Estrogen? Estrogen is a hormone that comprises a group of compounds including estradiol,estrone and estriol.
No matter male or female. All genders have the hormone estrogen in the body. This hormone is collecting fat only. This means that the existing fat will call the new fat and eventually become much fat.The human body needs hormones to break down fat, but there is also the hormone responsible for increased storage of fat in the body of estrogen.
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Antiestrogen and taking supplements or hormone-based supplements important to ensure that fat can be broken.
After taking antiestrogen that one man can break down fats effectively. Each exercise done will be successful and the stomach starts to collapse.
Men who practice antiestrogen supplement will also feel increased energy, stamina for better care activities.

As well as their sexual needs will be at the maximum level due to emotional stability and increase sexual energy.
When fat decreases the production of estrogen from fat was also reduced.
Reduction affects both the quantity of estrogen to men because it enables the male hormone testosterone works.
In addition to testosterone, DHEA and growth hormone (GH) is also important to men.
Addition of thyroid hormone (T3 and T4) are also important because it stimulates metabolism. Without it one would be fat and lean hard despite a strict diet.

But the presence of estrogen caused a lot of fat will damage the hormone testosterone.
Another fact to know is plant-based foods also contain much estrogen can increase the size of the stomach of a person.
Not true if one wants to quickly thin then he should eat only vegetables. Vegetable-based diet alone can not guarantee a quick skinny. A friend who adopted a diet of vegetables can not complain narrow waist size after a month of dieting.
High estrogen levels in vegetables that makes regular stout body size.
He was given antiestrogen and identified additional hormone needed could he change his body shape as desired.
Exercise and a healthy lifestyle should be adopted because it can stimulate hormone glands to work optimally. When the high hormone levels of the blood to be young again. In this way can be found in full health and you will come back again dashing and handsome.

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