Food safety tips:

It is important to ensure your food is safety to your health. This is some tips to share :-

Handling of raw materials
Purchased raw food does not change the color, smell or maggots
Fresh vegetables, not discolored or wilted
Meat, fish, chicken and so on in a fresh condition. Do not choose meat, fish, chicken odor, change color or texture changes

Buying a safe food


read the label
Do not be fooled by labels that only on the packaging of food. Examine the materials contained therein
Make sure food is in good condition and has not expired
Read carefully the instructions on the label storage. This helps to prevent food may deteriorate before their expiry dates

Does not use or consume food in boxes or cans if:
The box cover cracked, open, torn or leaking
Cans rusted, or leaking mengelembung
Damaged in any form

Safe food handling
Returned immediately after the purchase of raw materials and perishable food to reduce food long exposure at room temperature
Perishable food shall be stored in the refrigerator in the room which should be immediately
Raw foods such shall be stored in dry conditions. Humid conditions is ideal place for fungal growth
Make sure that raw foods such as poultry, meat, fish and others are placed away from cooked food. This is to avoid cross contamination from occurring
Make sure that the equipment be cleaned before and after use

Handling cooked food
Store food at proper temperatures to prevent bacterial growth:
Hot food hot at a temperature
Cold foods at the right temperature
Cooked but not served immediately should be cooled before storing in the refrigerator. Do not put hot food in the refrigerator because it will increase the temperature inside the refrigerator
Do not confuse the cooked food with raw food in the refrigerator
Wash hands with soap before and after preparing food

Guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO):

5 food safety guidelines

Separate raw food from cooked food
Cook in the correct way
Keep food at safe temperatures
Use water and raw materials safe

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