Hair removal through epilation

Hair Removal


Hair Removal

It is long drawn controversy if it is advisable to removing unwanted hair from the body or not? Some are of the view it is a good act, whereas the other are not in favor of. We are in the favor of first option; not because of the fact over 90% support this idea but because of having some specific logic in support thereof. In the earlier days hair removal was considered to be an integral part of human cleanness. In the present society, so called a developed and modernized society hardly practically believes on it. Oratory they support the ideas what we are preaching to this effect, but practically they do not follow it. Islam also teaches us the same.

Advantages of epilation

There is no doubt epilation has several advantages which you cannot even think of. A few of them we are trying to project for education point of view.

Epilation gives lasting and smoothness

Epilation is the process in which hair removal is made together with its root. With epilation, you can have smooth skin. This smoothness will last at least a period of 4 weeks. If you have undergone epilation treatment that means the hair already present there, were taken out with roots, and as such the next hair of that particular area would take some time to grow back with the same characteristics. More over the next hair that will come up with laser stiffness and narrow heads. This type of advantages you cannot have if you use shaving or cream.

Epilation is not limited to any particular are

The other advantage of it you can apply to any body part subject to the condition you are to choose different attachment only helping you out to access up to that body part. Theses attachments have been made according to the shape and contour of body part.

Epilation is good for sensitive skin

The process epilation is carried out in a bath filled with a typical solution not found reactive with any sensitive skin. The way it is done it does give any impact to the skin. More it can be done in any weather, like cold or dry. The process is so susceptible; it can be applied even daily.

Epilation retards hair grow

As per definition of epilation, hair is removed together with its roots. The next hair will grow with soft in nature and narrow head with softer and finer touch. This type of characteristics you can have it through shave or cream. Moreover the quantity of hair will be less with that of it had before application of epilation.

Epilation is more effective than waxing

It is a true fact that the aim of both the process is to remove hair from the body, but the final result of epilation is far better that of waxing. Moreover with the second process you are to undergo painful exercise

Epilation is gentle

In epilation process there are a number of ways to help women minimize discomfort-usage wet epilation is one of them. Making them comfort and extra kind to skin, massaging rollers stimulates the skin before and soothes just after epilation. Some time dry epilation has also been used for proving an extra ease. If we compare both the process the wet process has an advantage over dry one. In the wet system woman has experienced no pain at all. It is to be noted, before starting wet epilation you are to sit in warm water for 5 minutes, and the submerged your body part in to the water thoroughly until your hair lift up, making them easily to grip.