How to get clear skin:

“You know what happens to scar tissues. It’s the strongest part of your skin.” – Michael R. Mantell. Of course, Skin has added significant as other organs. So, it’s our obligation to maintain it clear and disease free.

Most people worry about their skin as it doesn’t looks best. Everyone won’t be affordable to go to dermatologist and to use commercial products. If you are one of them, then I hope this article will surely help you to know how to get clear skin naturally.acne-redness

Enjoy clean face:

Proper cleansing of face regularly may keep you away from 75% of acne prone. It may sound pretty, but it’s true as cleaning face may make you to get away from dirt, germs and excess oil without appropriate moisture and healthy cells. So, wash your face regularly at morning and night with 2% concentration of salicylic acid.

Stay away from cosmetics:

Too many products may make your skin prone to illness, so keep your skin healthy with natural ingredients. Avoid scrubbing and over drying your face as it may result in rough and red exposure. Try to avoid fighting with your skin using cosmetics, handle it gently to make it look pretty and tender.

Drink plenty of water:

Set a goal of drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, you will definitely feel a difference of getting clear and smooth skin. As drinking plenty of water makes your skin to be well hydrated for the whole day. It will also help to flush out toxins mounted up in the body. Of course, it may not happen overnight but drinking plenty of water will provide good effects on your skin.

Diet rich foods:

We all know, Fruits play a vital role in man’s health and they are valuable for its unworthy medicinal effects. But fruits give the same benefits for skin and most of the nutritionist has proved that, a glass fruit juice per day will surely bring clear complexion. Let’s go a tour on it.

  • We all know Banana is rich in Iron, Magnesium and Potassium, but it also have Vitamin A, B and E. This works as an anti aging agent and will do wonders on your skin. Apply freshly mashed Banana mixed with honey to get glowing skin.
  • Applying the inner pulp of the lemon on skin will lighten the skin tone and helps to reduce the acne scars, dark marks and freckles. Lemon mixed with honey will help to bleach the skin naturally.
  • Vitamin C in Orange pulps will naturally reduce the process of aging and remove the blemishes. Dry Orange peels can be powdered and used as a natural scrubber to get clear and glowing skin.
  •  Apply tomatoes on your face to protect it from internal damages as it contains antioxidants.
  • Drink lots of water as it wash away the toxins and maintains skin elasticity.
  • Papaya contains anti oxidants and rich in special enzyme called papain which kills dead cells and removes impurities.
  • Apply apple on your face to remove the tissue damage.
  • Mango works well on skin; it regenerates skin cells and fight in opposition to aging skin.
  • Bilberries, cousin of blueberries contain tannins which help to inhibit melanin production and to keep your skin soft and young.
  • Carrots may help to increase your complexion, but avoid taking excessively as it may change you to yellowish color.

Excellent skin care is essential for everyone to look young and healthy. We have born with the skin which does not have any pimples, marks, scars and wrinkles. Why can’t we maintain as it is? It is very easy to maintain our skin against many disorders, but for that we should have proper daily care suitable for our skin.

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