Infographic : Everything You Possibly Need to Know About Wrinkles


Our skin communicates many things to the people around us – including our health and age. For as long as we could possibly remember, the need to achieve younger looking skin with a youthful glow has been the aim of many men and women across the globe. Many go as far as to go under the knife, but over at Venn we’re advocates of non-invasive treatment that won’t break the bank.

Unfortunately we don’t hold the secret to avoid wrinkles altogether, however we can certainly tell you when you might start to see them throughout your lifetime, as well as educate you on the types of wrinkles that can form and the methods you can use to ease fine lines and wrinkles. Read our informative infographic to discover absolutely everything you need to know about wrinkles.

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Everything you possibly need to know about Wrinkles


Christina Sylvester is a Marketing Executive for Venn Healthcare- a supplier of medical and aesthetic systems. With over 10 years experience in the field, Venn is an obvious choice for practitioners nationwide.

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