‘Lose the Wait, Lose the Weight’ Sauna Infographic

Balancing your career, relationships and health can seem impossible some times; especially in today’s society where it can feel like if you’re not focusing on your career for an unreal amount of hours per day, then you’re just not doing enough.

What we need to do is, instead of wishing for more time in the day, optimise the current time we do have available. We believe an infrared sauna can do that, with super charged health benefits that can do everything from burn 500+ calories in 30 minutes, to help deal with the mental health issues the stress we mention can cause. They might be more expensive than the average set of dumbbells – and might take up a bit more space – but when you’re paying for time, you can’t argue with the value.

If you’re not convinced yet, then maybe the following infographic can help.

Please include attribution to www.uk-saunas.co.uk with this graphic.


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