Muscular Era: Women and Crossfitting

Gym used to be packed with men, like there was ‘no women allowed’ sign at the door, but times have changed drastically. Not only are fitness centers filled with women, there are times when you can find even more of them then men. It is no longer possible to call women ‘the weaker sex’, as the muscles they have will prove you wrong. From yoga and light aerobics, to insanity training and body building, they are doing it all. But what has become more and more popular among women is crossfit, even though it used to be strictly reserved for police and military training. And how come it has gained such popularity with the prettier sex? Let’s find out.

What Kind of Training Is It?

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About twenty years ago, crossfit used to be training for man who were preparing to work in law enforcement, but quite quickly it became popular among all the men who cared about their bodies and overall physical strength. According to, warming up includes jumping jacks, jump rope, squats, push ups and pull ups, usually without jogging. After that, you move on to build your strength with more squats and deadlifts, and working on building your muscle.

Make a Change, Make it Fast

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Many women struggle with their body image, as they are extremely dissatisfied. Especially after long winter, when they are getting ready for the summer and swimsuit season, they need good and fast results. However, with Pilates, aerobics, and regular cardio workout, they might need to wait a little bit longer to see the results. However, if they choose to crossfit instead, they are bound to see some extreme changes after only a couple of weeks. Unlike other trainings that discourage them and make them quit after some time, crossfit results have the ability to motivate and keep people going, make them work even harder.

Still Look Like a Girl

People say that going to the gym makes a woman look more like a man, and so many are afraid of looking too muscular after crossfit. However, it is just one more myth that we are here to debunk. The image of ideal female body type is constantly changing through history, and Twiggy skinny is long behind us. Today, exercising and muscles do not make woman look like a man the same way that the lack of muscles in some men does not make them look like women. This is the era of muscles and abs, and strong women who are proud of them.

Stay Healthy, Not Hungry

Sometimes, women start this training in order to lose weight and body fat fast, but the well known fact is that you cannot do that by starving yourself. Crossfit is a difficult training and requires you to have enough energy to go through with it. So make sure that you eat a lot of green vegetables, and lower sugar intake. Bananas are also a great source of energy, but there are many nutritional products full of essential vitamins that can help you perfom better. You can eat or drink them before the training, or after it to restore the energy that you have lost after a hard exercise. But the most important thing is that you always have breakfast, and that you grab something to eat after the crossfit training to feed the muscles you have just worked on.

Exercise Your Body and Soul

Women are no longer stay at home moms, they work nine to five, usually in small stuffy offices, and over time, a lot of negative energy piles up in them. Crossfit is a type of training that will not only help you reshape your body the way you always wanted it to look, but it will also remove the tension and stress from your life, and that is exactly what you need these days.

Women all over the world today are extremely successful crossfitters, and have managed to take this sport to another level. They love the way that they do not only look better, they feel better, and what is most important, stronger. The muscles they gained with this training show just how independent and determined they can be, and with the right nutrition and positive attitude, you can be on your way to joining them.

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