One side of your face may have a higher cancer risk because of driving

Are you a driver ? You know that burning feeling on your right side when you’re in your car and stuck in a mid-afternoon jam? This, scientists say may be a cause to worry.

The right side of our face may be at a higher risk of sun damage and is ageing faster from our daily driving, says a study.

The study shows that while the windshields of cars may block a majority of harmful rays from vehicle drivers and passengers, side windows aren’t as effective.

The study, published in JAMA Ophthalmology, found that car door windows offered varying levels of protection from the rays that are tied to cataracts and skin ageing.

Brian Boxer Wachler, of the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute in Beverly Hills, analysed the ultraviolet protection provided by the glass in 29 cars from 15 different automobile manufacturers made from 1990 to 2014.

Boxer Wachler’s research found that while front windshields blocked an average of 96% of UV-A rays, side windows only blocked 71%. Overall, only 14% of the cars offered a high level of side-window UV-A protection.

UV rays account for a small portion of the sun’s rays but are the most damaging to human skin. UV-A rays are not filtered by the ozone layer and can penetrate through the second layer of skin. This causes skin ageing and may lead to skin cancers.

Because drivers in the US have their left side exposed to sunlight, UV rays have been blamed for the increased number of cataracts and skin cancers that occur on the left side. Boxer Wachler believes the insufficient protection provided by car side windows could be a contributing factor. – Reuters

Based on the news, it is not impossible driver outside US also get risk to have cancer. I think government need to give permission for car owner to use tinted to protect their body as this study show the effect of the rays. If in US their right face could get damage of sun rays, maybe Asian people will effect on their left face. So, beware and get protection.


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