Top 3 Myths about Calories Counting

Calorie is important in our body but it is not getting over. Over calorie will make your body weight increase which is not good for your health. Counting calories (or fat grams) is far easier than actually understanding the complex effects food has on our bodies (and our waistlines). Calories do count, but they are far from the whole picture. There’s some myths about calorie counts that we want to share :-

Myth 1

Calorie-decreasing foods

  • Some foods will cause more weight loss than not eating them at all.

Reality : There are foods that provide few calories but none that will decrease your calorie count.


Myth 2

Counting carbs means you don’t need to count calories

  • Heavy eating of foods high in protein and fat, thinking you’ll still lose weight effortlessly with exercise

Reality : Eating more than what you can burn, will still result in your body producing body fat regardless of your calorie intake

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Myth 3

  • You can lose weight if you exercise enough

Reality : Your body can only handle so many workouts and when your body stops recovering, fat loss will stop

It is important for us to count our calorie intake per day to ensure our meal is suitable with our calorie burn. Read this table on how much calorie intake



Source : FitMalaysia

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