What You Need to Know About Stroke – Infographic

Did you know that 15 million people a year suffer a stroke, with 40% of these proving fatal? A further 33% of stroke victims suffer permanent disability, so it is evident that a person who suffers a stroke is unlikely to lead a ‘normal’ life again afterwards.

A surviving stroke victim is almost certainly going to require full-time care after the event, as they are likely to have difficulty with communicating, lose their sight or become paralysed. Caregivers for stroke victims, though, need to strike a delicate balance in caring for the stroke victim. They must recognize the person’s impaired capabilities of engaging in certain functions, but not to the point where they are blinded to the possibility that the person still has some independent capacity.

Before it ever gets to this stage, how you react when you see someone who may be about to have a stroke can make all the difference as to whether or not they survive. If you notice a person’s face drooping, numbness in their arms or difficulty in speaking, it’s time to call the emergency services. Swift action could enable medical attention to arrive quickly enough so that the person doesn’t suffer permanent health issues.

To find out more about stroke, check out this infographic from Home Care Plus (http://www.homecareplus.ie/palliative-care).

What You Need to Know About Stroke

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