Pfizer kidney cancer drug narrowly misses study goal

Pfier Inc kidney cancer drug missed its main late stage study goal when compared to another drug in patients who had not been treated for the disease. The company said that the drug not meet the main goal of showing. The trial was testing the drug, Inlyta in patients who received no prior treatments and compared its effects with another kidneycancer drug, sorafenib.
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Inlyta is already approved to treat kidney cancer that has not responded to prior therapy. Inlyta is a pill that’s part of a promising new generation of targeted cancer drugs from Pfizer, the world’s largest drugmaker. The drug targets proteins that affect the growth and spread of tumors and the development of new blood vessels to feed those tumors. The drug has already approve in Europe, US and several countries to treat patients with renal ceel carcinoma.

Source :- News Yahoo

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