Ketamine, The Street Drug for Depression

Do you think the street drug are working? Maybe some of us don’t really believe about the medicine we can get at the street. There’s a new study in the journal Science found that a single dose of ketamine can quash suicidal thoughts and relieve depression within 40 minutes. It is more reliable than any anti depressant drug. Eventhough the drug not a solution now but the researchers insight that it could become a new treatments for debilitating disease.
Ketamine works by increasing the connection in the brain. According to Ronald S.Duman from Yale University, it could connect the cells in the brain. Carlos A.Zarate from National Institute of Mental Health said that ketamine will blocks hormones that attack the cell connection. It also allow brain to re-grow its broken branches.
Patients from their researched give result that they felt happy for up to 2 weeks and fewer suicidal thoughts occur to their brain. It is good invention because current anti-depressants can’t rebuild our brain. The current drug were designed to boost the level of chemicals body that associated with happines. The method not really work for all case.
In meantime, ketamine is illegal and the side effects could mimic schizophrenia but reseach has been made and maybe it could become a useful to fight depression. Don’t buy the ketamine without any advice from your health expertise.

Source :- News MenHealth

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