Diets for Blood Type B

Blood group is overview of the characteristic of blood types affected by total carbohydrate and protein in blood cells membrane. According to ABO system founded by Dr. Karl Landsteiner from Austria in 1900, blood types are determined by antigen contain in red blood cells. For example, blood type B contain antigen B and antibody A.

Interesting facts founded by Dr. Peter J. D’Adomo tell us that there have a relationship between diet and blood type. He claimed that people with different blood type may have different physiology reaction towards chemicals in food intake. If chemicals contain in the food are not suitable for certain blood group, thus this may lead to agglutination of red blood cells. The agglutination process can causes variety of disease such as stroke, hypertension, hepatitis, cancer and allergy. For instance, chemicals in chicken give bad impact to blood type B people, which means it will interfere insulin hormone secretion and interrupt smooth function of digestive enzymes. People with blood type B usually suffer memory interference such as Alzheimer Disease.
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Below is well balanced diet recommended by Dr. D’Adomo for blood type B people:

a)      Dietary Carbohydrate

They are highly recommended not to take wheat and their processed product due to gluten content which causes slow burning calories and may lead to obesity. However, they can use soft wheat (low gluten content) in limited amount and not take as main carboydrate sources for the body. Instead, carbohydrate sources can be obtained from rice, potatoes and vermicelli.


b)      Meats

Research by Dr. D’Adamo conclude that there is direct relationship between pressure, low body immune system, weakness and fatigue in blood type B people. If that so, take beef, goat meat, and sheep meat and do not take chicken because of lectin content that may cause agglutination in red blood cells.


c)       Seafood

Fishes are good sources of protein, low fat and easily to digest. Blood type B people should not take crab, lobster, anchovies, clams, oysters, eel, salmon, and shrimp because of lectin content.


d)      Eggs and dairy products

Blood type B people have D-galactosamine factor which enable them to take any dairy products except ice cream, blue cheese, goose and duck eggs.


e)      Oil and fats

Olive oil is highly recommended for blood type B people to smoothen digestive system process. However, corn oil, sunflower oil, oil seed and canola oil are not suitable for them.


f)       Vegetables

Most of organic vegetables contain antioxidants and fibers which is better for blood type B people. However, there is vegetables that contain lectin such tomatoes, corn, olives, wite radish, leek, and pumpkin should be avoided.

g)      Beverages

Drinks like green tea should be taken by blood type B people because of antioxidant contents meanwhile soda and alcohol drinks should be avoided. Lots of vitamins, mineral, fibers, and phytonutrients in fruit juices are good for body health.

By right, you should know your blood type and know your foods. Prolonged inappropriate food intakes may cause effect to your body directly or indirectly. As an idiom said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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