Four Keys to Healthy Aging

Most of us want to have healthy body in our future. It ain’t easy because in our younger age we have a bad habit such as smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy meals and lazy lifestyle. This bad habit could effect on our future health and could occur disease or mental health problem.

This behavior could lead to increase of the aging by 30% to 50% and make worst if all of the behavior practiced together. Severina Sabia from University College London in UK said taht the individual behavior are associated with successful aging but their impact is quite substantial.

Healthy behavior could increase the chance of reaching old age without critical disease. Senior vice president of health at the National Council on Aging, Washington DC said that treating bodies with care and avoid harmful substances could effect health. Because of free disability and illness, the energy will increase and we can live more fully and take on more challenges.
The study has been done to examine the outcomes with combinations of behaviors in midlife rather than specific health measures that reflect those behaviors. The result from the study were unusually comprehensive and they found that successful aging related to 5 dimension of health; mental, cognitive, respiratory, physical and cardiovascular. The combination of the dimension could bring the real healthy strength.

The study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal do not really complete.

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Eventhough the studies still not get the conclusion, I agree with the 4 keys. Try to avoid it and get a healthy lifestyle. You will get a great healthy in the future.

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