Power Naps May boost right brain activity

298x232 power nap

Do you know that sleep a while after struggling in office could help to boost our brain? Most of us don’t pay attention about the power naps. It not take many time, just rest our eyes for a few minutes and it could help to boost our right brain activity. The phenomenon called power nap could manages to refresh and stimulate. Research have begun to uncover the brain processes behind the little miracles it produces.
The reseach from Georgetown University’s Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging in Washington, DC show that the mental spark that sometimes occurs during a nap. It could monitoring the brain activity of 15 at rest individuals found that the right side of their brain chattered busily to itself as well as to the left hemisphere.

Source :- News Health

So, let’s take a power nap now when you work. But don’t take a nap untill an hour or last untill office hour. That’s not good.

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