Planning A Pregnancy – Guide for Mother


It is important to planning a pregnancy because it will effect your health. Preparation is needed to ensure you get a healthy baby and safe to give birth.
The most important step is do pre-pregnancy checkup to your doctor. Make sure the doctor have a certificate to give the right advice in your pregnancy process.

The doctor will give you some advice such as :-

Pregnancy Diet plans

1. You need to maintain your weight in safe range. It is danger if you are overweight because it will increase of diabetes and blood pressure. The disease will effect your body and your health too. Always have a balance diet during the pregnancy.

2. Make sure you have a meal with nutrition needed for you and your baby. Eat more fruits and vegetable to get the energy needed for your body.
3. Get immunization to prevent diseases that will harm you and your baby. Get a vaccine from authorized doctor.
4. You can do little physical exercise to maintain a healthy weight. But must have permission of your doctor. Avoid smoking and alcohol because it will harm your baby.

5. Never take a medicine without advice from doctor. There’s many product that will effect on your baby for long term if you take it.



That’s some basic planning for you to follow. It will help you to get a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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