Pregnancy not a long-term cause of weight gain

The “commonly held” notion that pregnancy is a cause of long-term weight gain has been challenged by new research, which suggests unemployment and depression are instead likely factors. A study from the University of Canberra tracked the weight of 8,000 young women over 15 years, comparing the results of those who became mothers with those who did not. “The common perception in laypeople, but also researchers, is that pregnancy probably

How to Tackle Postpartum Depression

If you recently had a baby, but you’re not feeling the way you thought you should, don’t worry – you’re not alone. There are so many expectations for moms about how they are supposed to feel, act and look after they give birth, but the truth is – a lot of new moms don’t feel that way. And that’s perfectly okay. Postpartum depression is a lot more common than you

Want to have a child? Here are the hormones that matter

We are constantly on the go in this modern world. In terms of productivity, it’s a great thing to have mobile gadgets that enable us to work anywhere and anytime, but in the process, it’s too easy to forget about a more important aspect in life: our health, and how it affects our reproductive capabilities. One major thing that affects our fertility health is hormonal balance, a critical factor in

Lifestyle That Affect On Your Pregnancy

Lifestyle can have an impact on pregnant women. These include diet, alcohol consumption, smoking, and frequency of their exercise. They should take preventive measures to avoid negative effects on infants. The time when the fetus is most vulnerable to the harmful effects of these substances is during the first trimester of pregnancy. Stopping harmful behavior before pregnancy may reduce or even eliminate the risks of some birth defects that occur

Top 10 foods to eat when pregnant

Eating right during pregnancy can be a nerve wracking experience especially due to the lots of conflicting information available. Even if you are careful to take meals containing all the essential minerals and vitamins, you might not be taking the right foods especially if your appetite is not up to speed yet. The following are top 10 that you should eat when pregnant to ensure that you, as well as

Top Pregnancy Symptoms

Do you know that you or your wife will be pregnant? Most of us must know about their symptoms to prepare in the pregnancy symptoms. Read this some of top pregnancy symptoms Top Pregnancy Symptoms 1. Swollen Breast – Within two weeks of conception, the breasts begin to change their composition to prepare for the child. 2.Lower Back Pain – Backache with soreness, stiffness and pain generally starts early and