Practical Ways of Dealing with Chronic Joint Pain

At this point, you can’t remember the last time your shoulder wasn’t absolutely killing you. What began as a prevalent soreness has escalated into an ever-present sense of severe pain. Whether you’re relaxing in front of the television, hitting the gym or carrying out basic household chores, you have an exceedingly difficult time concentrating on anything but the pain in your shoulder. To make matters worse, your chronic pain has had a negative impact on your performance at the office. It’s virtually impossible to concentrate on a business meeting or big presentation when you’re trapped in the throes of blinding pain. Although you realize things can’t continue in this manner, you’re unclear on what your next course of action should be. Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options for people suffering from chronic joint pain that are highly effective and affordable on any budget.


Physical Therapy

If your chronic joint pain is caused by constant inflammation, it’s in your best interest to find a skilled physical therapist. This person will have vast experience dealing with clients in your exact situation and be able to help you perform an assortment of exercises that will dramatically reduce inflammation in the affected area. The frequency of your physical therapy appointments is generally determined by your level of pain – not to mention the type of health insurance you have – but on average, you can expect to see your therapist between one and three times a week. However, in severe cases of chronic pain, clients are sometimes required to go in for daily appointments.

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Pain Medication

If you think your chronic joint pain can be controlled with medication, schedule an appointment with your regular physician to discuss your options. She may advise you to take a simple over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drug like Advil or Ibuprofen or a heavy-duty prescription-only painkiller. While prescription painkillers are often more effective at relieving chronic discomfort than their over-the-counter counterparts, they’re also highly addictive and synonymous with a plethora of undesirable side effects. So if you intend to start taking prescription painkillers, make sure to do so under the strict observation of a friend or family member.

Joint Replacement Surgery

If physical therapy and pain medication fails to relieve you of chronic pain, you may be a prime candidate for joint replacement surgery. As the name implies, this operation involves the removal of the inflamed joint and its subsequent replacement with an artificial one. While this operation should be viewed as a last resort, it’s arguably the most effective way to rid oneself of chronic joint pain.

If left untreated, chronic joint pain stands to impact every facet of your life. Until the problem is addressed, the pain will be in complete control of what you can and cannot do. So if you’re ready to kick chronic joint pain to the curb, you can’t go wrong with the previously discussed treatment options.

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