Beware Beauty Treatment while Pregnancy

Pregnant women will want to look beautiful with a face and body care. But not all treatments are good at the time of pregnancy. Let’s read some tip :-


1. Nursing home

Facial beauty treatments are generally accompanied by various types of skin care including treatment warp face, peeling, and loosen the use of creams, masks and the sequence.


– Tell salun officer or spa that you are pregnant.

– Make sure the materials used do not contain harmful chemicals that are harmful to the fetus to fetus and safe for pregnancy.

– Avoid the use of electrical equipment in the face of such high-frequency machine to prevent an outbreak of skin that is usually used at the end of the facial treatments.

2. Hand foot and nail treatment.

Many nail care products that contain chemicals such as toluene acetone in nail polish or nail cleanser. Pregnant women should avoid this treatment during the first trimester because the fetus at this stage is still in formation.


– Use protective material during the treatment of hands and feet to prevent the materials included in your mouth.

3. Hair dye.

Hair color is increasingly popular with many styles and types of dyes that are no longer considered dangerous by pregnant women. More and more products are not harmful to the mother admitted Hamill and fetus. But without them realizing it, many products that contain chemicals such as tar can penetrate deeply into the skin, hair, and then enter the blood stream. When the mothers continue to use these materials, they are at risk for a miscarriage.


– We recommend using henna or dyes made ??from natural plants as an alternative. This material is better for pregnant women. But you should also get advice from a doctor because everyone is different pregnancy conditions.

4. Acupuncture Pregnancy


Acupuncture is done by injecting a needle into the skin at points of a person, as in the stomach. So now there are no studies that prove that unlicensed acupuncture done for beauty or skin rejuvenation harmful to the fetus. This means you can perform acupuncture beauty.


· Recognize the certified acupuncture specialist
· Before making acupuncture treatment, get advice from the expert

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Technique of injecting drug or other substance into the middle layer of skin to solve various problems. For example, to reduce cellulite and fat layer on the body or to rejuvenate skin and reduce the layer of fat under the eyes.

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Should be avoided because:

During pregnancy pregnant women are prohibited from doing treatment involving injections unless extremely necessary for medical purposes. This is because, each of which is injected into the body enters the maternal and fetal blood circulation. Although currently there, the method mesoterapi without injection drug use remains common goal. Medicine will be absorbed into the body and it has not guaranteed safety to the fetus.

2. Facelift

Surgical procedures aimed at eliminating sagging skin that seeks to eliminate the sagging skin and firm the face and neck to counter signs of aging. ‘Facelift’ involves injection of anesthetic and usually runs for three to seven hours or more.

Should be avoided because:

There is no specific medical indication should be done. Moreover, the use of anesthesia to the blood vessels and circulation to the fetus.

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3. Botox

Beauty treatments are done by injection of botulinum toxin. Toxins produced by the botulinum bacteria Closridium is injected into specific muscles to prevent muscle function. It seeks to eliminate wrinkles temporarily, for example, wrinkles in the eye and the angle between the two eyebrows and forehead.

Should be avoided because:

This involves the injection of toxins despite adequate studies on the use of botulinum toxin on pregnant women. Is not the normal pregnant women experience skin changes such as pigmentation and will disappear after giving birth? So why spend money for things you own are not sure of the next nine months.

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