Massage improve muscle strength for elder

Massage is good for muscle especially for elder.Therapeutic massage provides many benefits including helping to improve the health. Massage for elderly, is a bit different from other massage method. When a person is getting older, their skin becomes dry. Thus, more appropriate to use a moisturizer to massage than normal oil consumption.This is because their heart is getting weak to pump blood so the best massage technique of blood flow to hands and feet. Massage also improves the tone of muscles and have a positive effect on muscle strength and coordination. It thereby increase stability helps to reduce injuries due to a fall because of lost balance. According to a recent study, there is awareness of massage therapy, but lack of understanding about the benefits. Senior citizens who receive a therapeutic massage is found to have the better general health and well-being is positive.


Feeling comfortable is obtained when they get massage. They will found appreciated and it could prevent problem of depression and loneliness.

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