Mistake during exercise

Exercise is important activity to keep your health in good condition but it need to do in the right way.Most of us don’t have a knowledge in exercise and just follow. In this entry, I’ll give the mistake always be done during exercise:-

Excessive exercise

Excessive exercise and continuously exercise every day can lead to injury. Ideally, the interval of one or two days a week so the body can rest and be restored. If you exercise heavily on this day, do the lighter the next day.

No warm-up

Exercise without warm up will shock your body.It will pain your muscle and may lead to injury.Move your body to stretch to warm up each time to start exercising. At least for five minutes.

Heavy exercise

Do not be influenced by the heavy burden just to build muscle faster. To get the best results, use light loads with frequent repetitions. Dumb-bell weight should not exceed one or one and a half kilos.

Too fast & early
If you start exercising, start with a gentle and effective movement. For example, swimming or walking.


Exercise in the wrong position will not only cause damage to the body but it is not directly beneficial to you. If you exercise at home, make sure your posture is always in the right.

Not drinking enough

Drink water before exercise, during exercise and after doing so.

Eating too little
Add the energy of carbohydrates a few hours before exercise. Banana or a sandwich is a good pipihan

That’s frequent mistake that happen during exercise.

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