Benefits of Walking


Do you walking today? Walking is good for our health and easiest exercise for us. You don’t need an expensive equipment and it could give benefits to our health. Do you know benefits of walking? I found this 20 benefits of walking to share :-

1. It’s accesible to everyone
2. One of the easiest ways to get active
3. Helps with weight management
4. Doesn’t require special equipment
5. Helps maintain lean muscle tissue
6. Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety
7. Builds aerobic fitness
8. It’s a low impact exercise
9. You don’t have to pay for it
10. Lowers low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the ‘bad’ cholesterol)
11. Reduces risk of heart disease
12. Raises high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol ( the ‘good’ cholesterol)
13. Reduces stress
14. Reduces the risk of some cancers
15. Less likely to lead to injuries
16. Helps reduce risk and aids with the management of type 2 diabetes
17. Reduces the risk of heart attack
18. Improves mood
19. Help maintain strong bones

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Okay, that’s 19 benefits of walking. So why wait, let’s walking now. Walking in your house regularly and try more kilometers after this. Look at this picture on how to walk properly for your health
Best Exercise For Your Fitness

Watch this video from Everybody Walk

It show the benefits of walking.

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