Walk is good for your health

Walking is easiest exercise for us. You can do it anywhere and anytime. A one hour power walk can burn up to 350 calories. It can help to boost your energy level and tone the body system. There are many benefit walking such as lower blood pressure, improve sleeping patterns and get stronger bones.

It’s safe, simple and doesn’t require practice.Forget the gym and wearing a pedometer for a week. Record how many steps you walk day by day. Always walk briskly and find a route that will allow you to increase your number of steps. It can help to maintain your fitness. The quicker your heart rate returns to the pace, you will become more fitter.
Read this simple basic guidelines :-

1. Buy a pair of comfortable shoes. Aim to walk equal your baseline number every day.
2. Add 1000 steps to your baseline on five days. Maintain three minutes of continuous intensity walking on those days.
3. After week three, add 2000 steps to your baseline. You will improve sleeping habits.
4.In week five, you can add 3000 steps to your baseline. continuos intensity walking on three of those days.
5. On the last of each week, take the fitness test. You will quickly change.
6. Do some simple warming up before walking to prevent injury.


Okay, that’s all. Let’s walk together on the road to a long and get a healthy life.

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