Top 10 Benefits of Running

In my previous entry, I’ve wrote about benefits of walking, in this entry I’ll give you the top benefits of running. It is important to running as it is easiest exercise to boost our health.
Benefits of Running

Top benefits of running

1. Overall Mental Health
– Your body release chemicals which helps you feel more happy.
2. Lessen Effects of Asthma
– For those asthma sufferer, running could strengthen lungs and bronchi
3. Help Prevent High Blood Pressure
– Your arteries expand and contract while running helping the arteries to stay fit which then helps to maintain health blood pressure
4. Strong Immune System
– If you are a runner you will suffere less from miner illnesses
5. Weight Loss
– Running will help to burn 705 to 865 calories/hour
6. Physical Strength
-RUnning could builds lower body strength in addition to strengthening your tendons and ligaments
7. Increase Bone Density
– Your body sends essential minerals to bones to strengthen them when stressed. As running stresses your bones these additional minerals help to increase your bone density over time
8. Joint Strength and Stability
– By increasing the strength of your ligaments and tendons you increase joing strength and reduce chances of injuries to your ankles, hips and kness.
9. Personal Control
– Running could increase confidence and greater control overe your live
10. Reduce Effects of Diabetes
– Running could reduce diabetic reistance to insulin and maintain a health blood sugar levels
Source :- FB A Health Blog Page
Maybe some of the benefits similar to benefits of walking but the important thing is we must running starting from now.

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