Indirect Causes Of Weight Gain

Despite of food consumption there’s other factor that cause of weight gain. Some of us have difficulty to lose weight and don’t know the reason. In this entry I’ll share some possibility reason :-

Getting older could cause fat accumulation in our body. It is because lower estrogen level in our body especially in age 40s – 50s. In this phase, the body metabolism will getting slow. The unhealthy lifestyle will make older people become more fatten.

Our body will get effect when stressful. The body will increased appetite and hunger. That’s why some stress people love take snacks and high calorie foods while stress.

Lack of sleep
Many people who have problem at night will eat more snacks and it could cause weight gain. The certain hormones will activate from lack of sleep people. So, get the adequate sleep to prevent weight gain.

Quit from smoking

Most of people who quit smoking will gain weight. It is because the nicotine have control their appetite before. But it is good for your health to quit smoking. Don’t make this statement as your excuse to quit smoking.


Using drug/medicine
Some of drug/medicine could gain weight. Prescription medicine such as anti psychotic drugs could lead to extra weight. Drug for migraines,diabetes,seizures and etc is an example for weight gain. Always get advice before taking any medicine. Don’t just buy from pharmacy without knowing about the drug/medicine. Don’t buy drug/medicine that don’t have any certificate from health minister.

Lack of exercise
It is important to do exercise regularly. More sweat will help you to avoid weight gain. There’s many exercise could be doing indoor or outdoor. If you still lazy to doing exercise, walking is the easiest exercise to lose weight. The important thing is you must do it regularly. Doing longer time exercise a day couldn’t help you to avoid weight gain.


There’s many cause that could lead to weight gain. Find expertise of weight control to get more information.

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