Steps to stop smoking



According to the study, each day nearly 10,000 people worldwide die due to tobacco use. WHO recently said that half of all smokers eventually die from tobacco use.Each year cigarette addiction causes about 3.5 million deaths worldwide and that number is expected to increase to 10 million a year. Most smokers want to quit smoking without using any drugs, but this method is less successful and only five percent are able to quit without assistance.The best step to be taken to stop smoking among the medical help and support from doctors, pharmacists, and loved ones.


Among the medications available for smoking cessation is Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). NRT helps relieve addiction by supply nicotine to the body for smokers. It acts to reduce smokers to nicotine gradually, until no longer needed.NRT is available in the form of chewing gum, patch, spray into the nose and inhalers. In addition, two types of oral medications with no nicotine in the form of a pill may help you quit smoking. One of these drugs are available through doctor’s instructions. It may be a desire to stop smoking and smoking signs when a person wants to quit smoking.


Healthy activities such as exercise and sports is one way that can transfer the addiction. Avoid hanging out with friends who smoke. In addition, get information in the press about the disadvantages of smoking. Remember loved ones around you who may get hurt as a result of your actions. Options in your hands. Try to change to get the best health

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