February 2018

There’s a chemical used in everyday products that’s making us fat!

Chemicals used in food wrappers, nonstick pan coatings, even clothing may boost body weight by interfering with metabolism, especially in women, according to American researchers. These chemicals, known as perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), have previously been linked with cancer, hormone disruption, immune dysfunction, high cholesterol and obesity. “Now, for the first time, our findings have revealed a novel pathway through which PFASs might interfere with human body weight regulation, and thus,


As with all mental illnesses, depression isn’t an easy-to-define condition, and there are lots of variations. We might describe ourselves conversationally as feeling ‘depressed’ if we’re a bit down, but medical depression is a formal term that covers a variety of depressive conditions – some very common and some relatively rare. Labels aren’t always necessary, and they vary from country to country. But it can be helpful to know what

Infographic :  how to fall asleep quickly

The way you sleep at night can have a big impact on your health during the day. Sleeping in the wrong position can cause a number of ailments, including back and neck pain, muscle cramping, impaired circulation, premature aging, and—of course—restless nights. If you consistently find yourself unable to get comfortable throughout the night, or if you often wake up with sore muscles or joint pain, it might be time

Best Foods FOr Diabetes

Food for Diabetes? This is good article as I’m one of diabetes people. So let’s read it together :- 1. QUINOA This nutty, trendy whole grain is a good source of fiber and protein, making it a smart pick for a diabetes diet, Sarah Koszyk, RDN tells us. “With the fiber and protein combination found in quinoa, you’ll feel fuller and have better blood sugar control. Protein also helps with

A Guide to the Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Sleep

 There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. Serving as a way to recharge our batteries after a stressful day, sleep is integral to survival. While there’s no right or wrong amount to get (although the Sleep Foundation do provide a useful guide based on age ranges), one thing which can’t be argued is the importance of rest for our physical (and mental) wellbeing. Let’s now look at some of

Infographic: Bad Practices You Thought Were Good for You

In todays social media world, weird trends to help with our health and appearance can seem commonplace. From the baby foot trend and acid peels to an obsession with avocados and quinoa. But in the past, health and fitness fads had far more dramatic consequences. Even after the age of enlightenment when approaches to health and medicine became more scientific, the doctors of previous eras often got things very, very