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Dental Implant

The Dental Implant Difference

In today’s world millions of people are unfortunate enough to experience tooth loss. The causes can be attributed to a variety of reasons such as gum disease, tooth decay, injury and more. The...


Eating for Dental Health

The impact of food and drink on dental health is frequently under-estimated. Food, and how we eat it, is just as important to good dental health as regular brushing and flossing – the...

Fixed Partial Dentures

Types of Fixed Partial Dentures

A new method of replacing missing teeth had been developed in the recent past. Bridge constructions are now being carried out by many methods besides the older method of Fixed Partial dentures. Methods...


Most Important Ingredients in Toothpaste

  Imagining life without brushing your teeth twice a day can well, be stinky, to start with. Toothpastes, also known as dentifrice in the scientific terminology form one of the most essential requirements...