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A healthy lifestyle is essential to a longer life, but have you considered the positive impact exceptional dental hygiene could have on your well-being? Whether you regularly visit your dentist every six months for a check-up, or you’re at the start of your dental care journey, dentist in Brentwood provides advice to prevent gum diseases for a healthy lifestyle. Symptoms of Gum Diseases The most common symptoms of gum disease


Sensitive teeth are one of common dental problems faced by people of all age groups. It’s often the result of worn-out enamel or exposed tooth roots. So, such teeth cause pain and discomfort when exposed to hot or cold foods or drinks. With sensitive teeth, pain may also happen with brushing, eating or drinking, making the problem troublesome in all aspects. However, not all tooth discomfort may be result of

Infographic: Which Toothpaste Type is Best for You?

When toothpastes are advertised with phrases such as ‘whitening’, ‘desensitizing’ and ‘cavity protection’, these are not mere marketing buzzwords that try to make a frankly unadventurous product sound exciting. These are all properties that help to differentiate between the various toothpaste types and while one type could suit you perfectly, another might be less than ideal. Likewise, the type that’s best for you could be poorly suited to somebody else.

FAQ on 'Fake Braces'

Last week, there’s a huge news about ‘Fake Braces’ as one of fake dentist being help to pay her fine. I won’t write about the case as it is known the internet and you can ‘Google’ it. In this article I’ll share one Frequently Asked Questions on Fake Braces for your information.   Always ask expertise and refer to your dentist before doing any braces.    

Gum disease linked to higher cancer risk in women: study

MIAMI: Women who have a history of gum disease face a higher risk of several types of cancer, particularly tumors in the esophagus and breasts, a US study found Tuesday. “A history of periodontal disease was associated with a 14% higher risk of developing any cancer,” said the study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. “The strongest association was for

Good Riddance to Bad Breath - Infographic

The smell of one’s breath might not seem like a hugely important matter, but it often has a lasting impact on people’s perceptions of someone. This is especially pertinent for job interviews, with 68% of employers likely to reject a candidate immediately if they attend for interview with bad breath. All the qualifications and aptitudes in the world would then become irrelevant; if you’re careless enough to go for an