5 alternative therapies to reduce stress and aid relaxation of body and mind

Stress is something most of us deal with to some degree in our everyday lives; whether it’s a result of pressure at work or problems at home. This can have serious negative effects on our overall physical and mental health, and it shouldn’t be just ‘one of those things’ you have to put up with. Aromatherapy We have looked into a few different therapies which can aid relaxation and in

Aromatherapy in your health

Do you know about aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials to give a positive aura. It became one of the most popular ways to get better health. Most of  this method using candles and potpourris contain essential oils. Essential oils found from plant extract from different part of the plant. The natural essences are good to harmonize the energies of our body. It can be used