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7 Breast Cancer Myths Debunked

Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women in the U.S., so it goes without saying that it’s crucial to stay informed about this disease. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misunderstandings floating around regarding breast cancer as well, so it can be difficult to determine which advice you should heed versus which claims have no evidence whatsoever to support them.   How are you supposed to know what

AI used to detect breast cancer risk

US scientists are using artificial intelligence to predict whether breast lesions identified from a biopsy will turn out to cancerous. The machine learning system has been tested on 335 high-risk lesions, and correctly diagnosed 97% as malignant. It reduced the number of unnecessary surgeries by more than 30%, the scientists said. One breast cancer specialist said that the research was “useful”. The machine learning system was trained on information about

NICE : Healthy women should take breast cancer pill

NICE- The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in their conference says that hundreds of thousands of healthy women should take pills to cut their risk of breast cancer. NICE give three drugs to choose from tamoxifen, raloxifened and anastrozole. The cheaper is anastrozole and has fewer side-effects and more effective. Trials show that per 1,000 patients taking anastrozole for five years, 35 cancer cases would be prevented compared

More young Asian women are diagnosed with breast cancer

The risk of developing the disease increases with age, but Asian women are being diagnosed at a younger age compared to their Western counterparts. “The peak age of breast cancer is about 10 years younger in Asia. There is also a suggestion that there may be a difference in the tumour biology of women diagnosed with breast cancer in Asian nations as compared to Western nations. “This will have a

10 foods that help protect you from breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most diagnosed cancer in woman in the world. Author of book ‘Take Breast Cancer off your Menu‘ find the top foods to help you minimise chances of developing the disease. 1. Eat organic. Not only is it vital to get your five-a-day (or more). But make sure the fruit and veg you eat is organic where possible. ‘Some of the pesticides used on non-organic

Great ways to raise breast cancer awareness

Before you even start looking for great ways and methods to increase the awareness, and to raise it so that people get a better idea on how to help and how to go about it if it is discovered, you will need to get yourself educated on the topic. There are many ways on how to inform yourself, and how to make it easier to pass on that knowledge. Particularly