high blood pressure

Common Symptoms of Low and High Blood Pressure

Fluctuations of either side of the normal ranges for one’s blood pressure can cause issues for most people. Low blood pressure may be desirable for some individuals but a very low pressure can cause severe and even life-threatening symptoms. On the other hand, a high blood pressure might not cause any signs or symptoms in most people but it can lead to long-term damage to blood vessels and the organs

High blood pressure: The criteria which reveal if YOU should be treated with medicine

The condition, also known as hypertension can be treated by altering lifestyle factors – such as cutting down on salt in diet and exercising. However, high blood pressure can also be treated with medication. There are a number of reasons a doctor might prescribe medication for a patient with high blood pressure. NICE guidance said: “Your doctor should offer you drug treatment if your blood pressure is considered to be

Hypertension : High blood pressure disease

Hypertension or high blood pressure disease is one of the major diseases that often affect the world’s population. Despite the dangers of the disease is more exposed but the number of sufferer still increase. This occurs because there is no significant symptoms that can associate a person with this disease. Hypertension : High blood pressure disease Cardiology experts say that the cause of high blood pressure involves 95 percent of

The Main Causes of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or Hypertension is a very serious illness which has no cure. However, there are ways to control it. There are several causes of high blood pressure which most doctors check for first. High blood pressure usually does not begin until later in life, however, there are some exceptions to that. In many cases the older a person is, the more apt their chances are to have high

Effects Of Hypertension You Need To Be Aware Of

Most people are aware that hypertension, or high blood pressure, is bad for them but they are not fully aware of the effects it can have on their body. There are numerous causes of hypertension for a person and it can be difficult for a person to change everything in their life to make an effective impact. However, understanding the effects of hypertension and the serious nature of the condition

How To Manage Blood Pressure Without Medication, Doctors, and Stress!

By Ale Rossi A health survey which was recently conducted showed that 1 billion people globally have high blood pressure, and in the United States alone there are more than 77 million adults have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Just knowing that high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke is enough to make your heart beat just a little faster than it should