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What to Expect at Your Initial Cosmetic Dentistry Visit

A visit to the cosmetic dentist is your first step towards a beautiful and a healthy smile. A cosmetic dentist is a person who can help you achieve your cosmetic goals and guide you more about maintaining a proper dental health.  They are capable of restoring and improving your smile in multiple ways. Whether it is treating decayed teeth in a discreet way, removing visible stains from the teeth, straightening crooked

How to Have a Perfect Smile

  Smiling attracts attention and makes you look more beautiful and radiant. However, if you don’t take care of your teeth, then there will be hardly any point to smile for the sake of being more attractive. Therefore, in order to have a perfect smile you must know some of the ground rules of dental hygiene. These will help you get those pearly white teeth. Be Confident The more confident

10 ways we damage our teeth without realising

Bad teeth is not good for our personality. Many people don’t know that’s there are many ways we can damage our teeth without realising. Read this 10 ways that our teeth could be damage 1) Rinsing with water after brushing Do not rinse after you have brushed your teeth as this washes away the fluoride in the toothpaste which is good for your teeth and helps prevent tooth decay. Just


Looking after our teeth and oral health is important for our appearance, our self-confidence and even our career prospects. It is also vital to look after our oral health as it relates closely to the state of our general health. For example, gum disease can complicate diabetes, gum disease is linked to higher risk of low-birthweight babies and dental infections have been associated with increased risk of pneumonia. These are

How to take care of your teeth for life

  It is very important that you keep your teeth healthy as you will want strong ones through your life. But, remember to start young so that it becomes a habit that will be hard to break. Moreover, it is not all about hygiene as you will have to think about what you eat and drink, because the leftover residue will be bad for your teeth if you do not


Do you grind your teeth while you sleep? If the answer is yes, do you know if you also suffer from sleep apnea?  According to research presented at the American College of Chest Physicians’ 2009 international meeting, nearly one quarter of people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) also grind their teeth at night. The number is even higher for Caucasians and men. Eight percent of Americans suffer from bruxism, or